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    About Us

    About Bija Bhar:

    Bija Bhar makes tasty and innovative organic superfood products that address modern needs with nutritional wisdom from around the world. Our snacks and beverages bridge the divide between healthy & tasty!

    Bija is Sanskrit for seed or the root/source of things. A well balanced, nutritious diet is critical but can be difficult to manage. The nutrient rich ingredients in all of Bija Bhar's convenient, healthy, and delicious products can help fulfill all the potential in our busy lives.

    Our best food intentions can easily be sabotaged by lack of time, lack of options, low blood sugar, or persistent cravings.

    Cravings are often just nutritional cries for help, so it's no surprise that smothering them with refined/processed foods doesn't work. On the other hand, too many supposedly healthy choices ignore the importance of pleasing our palates.

    At Bija Bhar we believe that when you use quality ingredients in balance, the results should be delicious. 

    All our products are handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, NY.

    A note from the founder:

    Combining nutrient rich seeds, spices, and preferable sweeteners, I created decadent energy nuggets  as a snack that would fit a range of dietary needs and lifestyles.

    While it was designed to perform on-the-go, it happens to pair beautifully with coffee or a glass of wine.

    I am thrilled to now be able to offer Decadent Energy Crunch and Resilience Blend. Decadent Energy, is a line of vegan, gluten free, seed-based snack that eats like a treat while supporting the demands of your day.  Our crunch is available in our Original w/Cayenne as well as a non-spicy version w/Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean. Resilience blend is a antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, and lemon elixir that can be mixed with hot or cold water, smoothies, teas, or even hangover reducing cocktails. I look forward to continue expanding the line with more real food products to serve your nutritional needs. I always love hearing from you. Please do email me at or on your social media platform of choice.

    Follow Bija Bhar on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out about demos, new store locations and more! Thank you for visiting, I look forward to hearing from you and serving your superfood needs!

    Anjali Bhargava