Resilience Turmeric Elixir

    About Us

    About Bija Bhar's Resilience Turmeric Elixir:

    This is not your mama’s turmeric.

    Our Resilience Turmeric Elixir is made with multiple varieties of carefully grown, organic, Hawaiian turmeric that had never been boiled; it’s sliced into chips and dehydrated or flash dried then ground for each batch at low temperatures so it’s virtually as fresh as the fresh root. It’s blended with ginger, whole lemon, lemon peel, maple sugar, and black pepper so that it’s highly absorbable and delicious too! It makes a great tea, golden milk/turmeric latte, lemonade or cocktails and it’s also great added to matcha, smoothies and even food.

    This is also not my mama’s turmeric.

    Growing up surrounded by Indian culture, food, & philosophy, I always trusted in the power of turmeric. My pursuit of wellness led me to look at sourcing, process and the alchemy of well balanced ingredients. It was through this journey that my love took root. 

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    Anjali Bhargava

    Founder/Chief Everything Officer