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  • Why Maple Sugar?

    Some of you may have heard me say that if there were maple trees in India, maple syrup would absolutely have been used in Ayurvedic remedies. I get a lot of questions, and also praise for my use of 2 grams of maple sugar per serving so I wanted to share a little bit of that insight with you and reassure you that it is so much more than a sweetener. It is absolutely functional. In certain Ayurvedic remedies, a little bit of sugar is used because it ensures quick delivery to our bloodstream and cells. With turmeric it is...

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  • The Best (& Easiest) Mulled Cider Ever!

    Here's all you need: 1/2 gallon of your favorite Apple Cider 1 Cinnamon Stick 3-4 Cloves 1 tablespoon Bija Bhar Resilience Blend Optional: Bourbon or Rum Pour your cider over the cloves and cinnamon stick and heat on medium until it starts to froth up. Put it on low and let simmer for at least 15 minutes. When you are ready to serve, simply stir in 1 tablespoon of Resilience Blend and you're ready to pour!  Spike each cup with Rum or Bourbon as desired. Sip on this while it's hot for a soothing treat that will settle your stomach,...

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  • More About Resilience Blend's Ingredients

    Antioxidants abound in these ingredients, but that's just the start! Here's a brief survey of the benefits of each ingredient, with a focus on turmeric, since it is the star and the workhouse of this blend. The items below are some of the most commonly repeated by wellness and health experts, doctors, and scientists. It reinforced the essential knowledge and respect I had for these ingredients from Ayurveda, my own experience and, of course, my mother. And it makes me more excited than ever to make Resilience Blend available to you! Turmeric (Curcuma Longa): Hundreds of health benefits have been...

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