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About Us

Meet Anjali! 
Creator of Bija Bhar & Resilience® Turmeric Elixir 

Deeply influenced by my Indian heritage, my relationship to food, wellness, and the art of well-balanced ingredients is infused with the traditions, philosophy, and practice of my family’s culture. My reverence for turmeric began as a child watching my mother use this magical golden powder in almost everything. As an adult, I returned to the sacred turmeric root for support during my own health challenges and developed a recipe that tasted as good as it made me feel.  

Resilience® Turmeric Elixir, my premier blend, was born from a genuine desire to create something that would nourish the body, nurture the soul, and taste divine. Using three varieties of organic Hawaiian turmeric and ginger that is dried fresh in small batches and never boiled—and ensuring all my ingredients are sustainably sourced and minimally processed—makes a remarkable difference in the smoothness of taste and overall potency. 

It brings me great joy to hear how supported my customers feel using my products. Inspired by your enthusiasm, I am growing my family of blends with the recent addition of Anjali’s Chai Masala and a few more surprises, soon to be released. 

I invite you to explore my website for great information about the power of turmeric, including numerous recipes and creative ways to use my products. Sign up for my NEWSLETTER and/or follow me on INSTAGRAMFACEBOOK and TWITTER for tips, treats and sweet deals!

From my open hand to yours, 

Anjali Bhargava
Bija Bhar Founder