FAQ and Resources

Q: Where is Bija Bhar's Kitchen?

A: Our products are produced at The Brooklyn Foodworks, a culinary incubator in Brooklyn, New York

Q: Is the Kitchen a Nut Free/Gluten Free Facility?

The kitchen does produce products with nuts, wheat and other allergens. However we are vigilant about rewashing any shared equipment and making sure our kitchen and storage are always completely free of any possible contaminants. We have checked the paperwork on every Decadent Energy ingredient supplier to make sure that they all the ingredients are safe for people with any of the major food allergens. Please contact us if you have a specific question.

Q: Where is your turmeric from? What makes you say it's the best and purest stuff on earth?

A: All our turmeric and ginger comes directly from an incredible organic farm in Hawaii. It's grown in incredible soil, dried and ground with minimal heat, and multiple strains are blended for a smooth, delicious flavor.

Q: Did you go to culinary school.

A: Nope. My mom's kitchen continues to be my training ground. My mom's knowledge, instincts, and creativity in the kitchen along with her respect for the ingredients she uses were truly the inspiration for Bija Bhar. I could still use some better knife skills though...

Here's my mom carefully sorting lentils back in 1964...this was also one of my first skills in the kitchen and it's something we're vigilant about with all our seeds here at Bija Bhar.

Q: Who Designed the Bija Bhar Logo?

A: Our logo was designed by Evan Sargent, an amazing Art Director who recently co-founded WowMom Studio.


Q: I don't see a photo credit on any images. Why is that?

Bija Bhar's founder, Anjali Bhargava, is a photographer and has taken all the uncredited images on the site. It is the only reason a photo will ever be uncredited on our site. Please credit your photographers anywhere you possibly can, it is really important and it's good karma! If it is their profession, they put more time, energy, and money into their craft than you might imagine.


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