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    Chai has been a personal obsession of mine and was an essential part of my daily life long before turmeric. In high school one of my first day dreams of entrepreneurship was about sharing my masala chai with the world. My recipe has evolved over the 20+ years since and while I love to make it for friends and family, it is truly a dream come true, especially this year, to be able to share Anjali’s Chai Masala with you, just in time for the holidays!

    Just a 1/4 tsp in your mug, steeper or pot will transform your favorite cup of tea into a perfect cup of masala chai, so each jar is enough for 70-80 cups!

    I spent a lot of time this year fine tuning my recipe using Burlap & Barrels amazingly fresh, single origin, equitably sourced, and organically grown spices and I am thrilled to be partnering with them to bring this chai masala to you. In addition to the usual staples of ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, I’ve added my Hawaiian turmeric, fennel seeds, black pepper and saffron to make this a layered, balanced and rich blend that will not only elevate your favorite tea (or coffee!!) but might just find its way into your holiday baking and other recipes too.

    One small note: powdered blends tend to settle after packaging so the jars may appear to be less than full, but they are filled with the correct amount of product by weight. 

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    Want to know more about my life time love affair with chai? Read on...

    I loved chai and the state of mind it represented long before I drank a proper cup. Growing up I witnessed how my parents punctuated their lives with cups and cups of chai and my mom used to get me to drink milk as a kid by mixing in a spoon or 2 of her chai in. Slowly that ratio shifted and by the time I was a teenager I was a proper chai drinker.

    On a trip to my father’s hometown of Jaipur when I was 16, I was so enraptured by Madhu Chachi’s chai that I asked her (my aunt) to teach me. In her kitchen she showed me how to boil the water, milk, fresh ginger and spices together and sent me home to Connecticut with her favorite Assam tea and some beautiful clay chai cups that I still treasure. Since then I have become the extended familiy’s chaiwali - always ready to make 4 or 40 cups as needed! I got my college roommates hooked and have lost count of the many gatherings of families and friends that I spent 30+ minutes over a boiling pot.

    For many years I had a hard time getting my chai right when making only 1 or 2 cups and often traded the lengthy process for a simpler bag tea when just making a cup for myself. All the while I was on the prowl for a way to make the big pots easier and faster and my single cup yummier.

    I have tried so many so-called masala chais, expecting a moment of bliss when I take that first sip, only to be disappointed. And while there are thousands, maybe millions of great versions of masala chai in households and road side stands around the globe, I’ve had a growing impatience with the sense that more and more people in America are being introduced to chai that was just wrong. If you know me in real life, you know this angst has been real.

    And when it came to premixed tea blends I often felt like the spices were not in the right balance with the tea. Some of us like our tea strong, some like it milder, or decaffeinated or even dirty! So I wanted to make a spice blend that you and I could both use as much or as little of as we liked to enhance our drinks - to take that tea and allow it to transport you somewhere sweeter, if only for a few moments.

    I hope Anjali's Chai Masala will transport you to a blissful place with each sip.


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  • Anjali's Chai Masala
  • Anjali's Chai Masala
  • Anjali's Chai Masala
  • Anjali's Chai Masala
  • Anjali's Chai Masala

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