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Resilience Turmeric Elixir - Unsweetened

$ 24.00

Resilience® Turmeric Elixir (unsweetened) 

Resilience® Turmeric Elixir is a smooth and delicious instant drink blend that combines nutrient dense organic Hawaiian grown white and golden turmeric with Hawaiian grown ginger, whole lemon, lemon peel and a dash of black pepper.

Suggested Use: Add 1/2 teaspoon (2 grams) per cup of hot or cold water or milk of choice for comforting refreshment morning, noon or night. Drink daily for cumulative benefits.

Get creative: Add to smoothies, coffee, cocktails, lemonade, baked goods, breakfast items, dips & dressings.

• 100% certified organic ingredients

• Sustainably sourced and minimally processed with low heat

• Never boiled to retain maximum freshness and potency

• Super fine powder for a smooth, silky drinking experience and maximum surface area for optimal absorption

• Shelf stable and stays fresh well beyond best by date

• Only 10 calories per serving

• Available in paper canisters or pouches

• Made with love and reverence

Resilience Turmeric Elixir - Unsweetened

$ 24.00